Try Out These Unique Marketing Methods

Before the business starts marketing any of the products, it helps in creating the ideal customer base which you want to reach with the promotional materials. Once you have the ideal customer, you get the plethora of the techniques to choose from. Most of them are the no cost or low cost methods that is also known as the guerilla marketing or make use of the different ones at some more stages of the business cycle, or can utilize them at once from the inception of business. You can go through the unique marketing methods in detail which can help you in determining if the marketing is the one for you.

  • Horray for the free advertising: When you build up the business, the first thing you should do is the customer base. With the decent printer, the answering machine and withy the average computer, one can put together the fairly extensive advertising campaign without having to pay for such spaces.
  • Flyers: This is also known as the carpet bombing style of the cheap advertising. One can find the area which you would like to do in the business. You can distribute these flyers to all mailboxes within its reach. It must be in brief as well as to the point, highlights well the services that are offered and proffer the contact information. Offering the free appraisal, discount and the coupon never hurts at all.
  • Posters: it is one of the easiest and popular unique marketing methods. Most of the malls, public spaces, and super markets offer the free space of bulletin board for the advertisements and announcements. This is the miss or hit method, but one should try in making these posters visible reasonably and have the removable tabs so that customers can present them for the discount. Make every location with a different color so that one can get the idea from tabs where most leads get generated from. If there is major one area for producing majority of the leads then you can get the better target for the whole campaign.
  • Value additions: It is termed as one of the powerful and strong selling point for all major services and products. On surface, these value additions are also much similar to the free appraisals and coupons, but they are aim at increasing the satisfaction of customers and the widening of gap between the competition and you. These common value additions include the discounts, guarantees for the repetitive customers, referral rewards, and point cards. Often deciding factor for the person who picks up between two similar shops. One doesn’t have to even promise moon for adding value. While making the advertising materials properly, these value additions should be highlighted

  • The referral networks: they are invaluable to the business. They don’t mean the customer referrals which encourage though rewards and discount per referral. It includes the business to business referrals. While dealing with the professions of white collar, these networks are strongest. The lawyers refer people to the accountant, the accountant refers to the broker, and the financial planner refers to real estate and others. Regardless of the business, make sure you create well the referral network which has the same commitment and outlook to the quality which you do.

Follow all these unique marketing methods to make your business grow more.


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